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100 Word Songs: Peel Me A Grape

August 21, 2012


And… break. Wait for it. Feel his breath in his splayed fingers across the small of my back. Relax the taut, feel the floor, hear the music in the space in between. Smallest guidance. Barely there movement. Hint of a shift, my weightlessness in his arms. Repeat, repeat, repeat. The tap tap tap on the […]

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Thankful Tuesdays: Happy New Year 2012

January 3, 2012


I am thankful for time off. I was blissfully unplugged from the interwebs (except for the odd foray in when I needed to look up Ricardo Montalban and Corinthian Leather in Wikipedia, of course) over the holiday break.  But now I’m ready to catch up on my Reader and find out what you all have […]

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Thankful Tuesday: A Reminder

October 25, 2011


G was blessedly asleep late afternoon on Sunday.  I took the opportunity to visit some blogs of those who have been kind enough to give me feedback on my own posts.  G woke up, and I set the iPad down on the couch, open to Kris Mulkey’s blog which features a lovely header with the […]

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If Italy Could Talk

June 12, 2007


If Italy could talk, it probably wouldn’t have even noticed that SDF and I were there a couple of weeks ago — Italy being a bustling country and all. But if Italy could talk, and if Italy had noticed us, Italy would be mentioning to France right now that a truly love-struck couple had just […]

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I’ve completely lost it

August 11, 2006


Alert, this will be mushy and cloying. And I don’t really care. I don’t even know how to properly write what I’m feeling. I know thirst. It’s not hunger, it’s thirst. It’s a longing for something that gives you life — something you drink every day — something without which you wilt. It’s not transitory. […]

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And they couldn’t get the smile off her face…

April 19, 2006


Wow. Sometimes crazy things happen. Things that you just never would’ve believed if someone had warned you in advance. “When pigs fly…” you think. And then it happens. The moment occurs and all of a sudden you’re rearranged from the inside out, and you’re damned if you can recall what day it is, and you […]

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