Thankful Tuesday: A Reminder

G was blessedly asleep late afternoon on Sunday.  I took the opportunity to visit some blogs of those who have been kind enough to give me feedback on my own posts.  G woke up, and I set the iPad down on the couch, open to Kris Mulkey’s blog which features a lovely header with the text, “What’s Cooking? Food.  Wine.  Life.  All mixed up.”

Mark sat down on the couch and picked up the pad.  “Looking up wine suggestions?” he asked.

Uh oh.  I’d been found out!  I’d have to admit that I’ve started down the slippery slope of blogosphere addiction.

“Nope, it’s the blog of someone who commented on one of my meme posts.  It’s a community thing.  We all write to the prompts, and we all read each others’ work and be supportive.”  I’d explained to him the other day about RedWritingHood and my desire to try this blogging one more time, but maybe with a little more purpose and direction than in the past.

With a small knowing smile he scrolled down Kris’ home page.  G had fallen back asleep, so I looked over Mark’s shoulder as he read.  He stopped when he saw the Clever Network button.

“And are you a part of the Clever Network?”  His smile tilted up on one side and his eyes twinkled.

Thinking I was in for a ribbing (albeit a good-natured one) I said, “No, I’m not.  I’m new to all this stuff.  I’m not even sure what it is.  Maybe it’s something I have to be invited to.”  (This was before I checked out what the Clever Network is, I’m a little more informed now.)

He looked at me.  And looked some more… and I prepared for the impact.  I could take some teasing, no problem.

His eyes softened, and he placed the pad back on the couch.  He took my hand in his.

“Well, I think you should be in it.”

And with just those few words, all my self-conscious doubts that I had projected onto him fell away to nothingness.  With a brilliant stunning clarity I was reminded how much I am loved, and why I married this man in the first place.  I am so thankful.


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