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Wordless Wednesdays: Big man, little man

April 11, 2012


Ok.  It’s not the world’s best photo, I know.  It was taken through a dirty window and bug screen, on a phone, and M and G were already quite far away when I got the shot so I had to blow it up.  But crappy photo quality or no, this picture of my two men […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Thank You Instagram

April 4, 2012


Actually, I need to thank our Nanny, K.  She took this picture, and then had the presence of mind to Instagram it into amazingness.  And hey, a little shout out to Whatever Powers That Be that I am blessed with G!

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Word(x) Wednesdays: Dessert Picnic

December 14, 2011


I was reading Literal Mom’s post about dessert and remembered that I’m not the only person in the house who loves dessert. I give you the Pumpkin Bread Dessert Picnic courtesy of G.

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Wordful Wordless Wednesday: My Heart Isn’t Big Enough

November 30, 2011


My heart isn’t big enough. Not for the crashing train that hits me when you smile. Not for the iceberg that chills me when you take a spill. Not for the number of towels I need handy for your fantastic teething-open-mouth kisses on my cheeks, and nose, and forehead. Not for the monster sitting on […]

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