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Oohhhhh, now I remember what that feels like!

January 10, 2014


Ccbvmvjblmgvgffdbycyfggigigihuhkuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. GmncMx ***The above was typed by G when I wasn’t looking. I’ve decided to keep it — it’s his first blog post! ;-)*** But back to me (’cause I’m so vain I thought this blog post was about me). If you know who I am, you know I’ve been gone for quite a while. […]

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March 24, 2012


INWAN Badge 1

I’m Not Writing A Novel has a new look!! It’s nothing fancy, as I’m still totally cheap and using WordPress for free.  Still, I think it’s mucho better than it was. Also, I’m Not Writing A Novel has its own facebook page now.  Everybody’s doing it… Jim at Just a Lil Blog, Lance at My […]

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And then there were… WAY TOO MANY

February 9, 2012


My problem is that I really love reading blogs. Yeah, that’s a problem. In that I don’t have enough time to actually read all the ones I’ve subscribe to in my Reader.  Hell, I hardly have enough time to POST lately, and respond to the kind commenters on my own stuff let alone READ others’. […]

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