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Mama Kat: Winter in my neck of the woods…

January 9, 2014

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Winter in my neck of the woods, eh? Well… rather than post the same pic of the NE blizzards that you’ve seen on the evening news, I thought I’d treat you to a different view of winter at my house. Namely, my dry-ass cracked hand skin. Context: I grew up in the San Francisco Bay […]

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Mama Kat’s: 22 Things I’ve Done

November 1, 2011


This is so late… but it was worth the exercise anyway! 🙂  Enjoy. 1. I have seen Mao and Lenin, they don’t look like dead bodies. But they don’t look like wax figures, either. Creepy. 2. I’ve been lost on the Moscow subway. A kind gentleman from Nairobi (studying in Moscow at the time) took […]

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