Red Writing Hood: Lather, Rinse, Remember

December 2, 2011

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Long.  Long because he wouldn’t let me cut it.  Long to my butt.  Long catching on anything and everything.  Long giving me headaches.

Short.  Not too short. Short because he can’t control me anymore.  Short because it’s what you do when you move away from home to college.  Short because I took the scissors to it myself, and laughed as I threw away that foot of hair.

Black.  Black because it was there, like the mountain.  Black because I wanted to be Snow White.

Brown.  Ugh Brown.  Brown because growing out black is an issue.

Leeloo’s colors.  Leeloo’s colors because I can’t get enough of The Fifth Element.  Leeloo’s colors because in my inner vain heart I think Milla Jovovich and I look a lot alike in profile (if in no other way).  Leeloo’s colors because it’s shocking, and I’m young.

Red.  Always red from now on.  Because this house is like Russia, with eyes cold and grey.

Short.  Boy short.  So short you can’t run your fingers through it.  Short because I desperately needed change.  Short because I’m lazy and was under the mistaken impression that short hair is easier.

Medium.  Medium because, while “there’s nothing wrong with that,” everyone thinks I’m gay when I have short hair and live in San Francisco.  It’s flattering, but I don’t like leading the lovely ladies on.

Long.  Not as long as before, not ever that long again.  Long because when I dream about myself looking in a mirror, I always have long hair.

?.  ? because I’m getting my hair done tonight, and I don’t know what it will look like.  ? because I love the mystery up until that last second when I’m in the chair.  ? because to me it symbolizes hope, and optimism, and change.

Tell me what you think it’ll be.


This 300-word creative non-fiction piece was brought to you by:

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26 Comments on “Red Writing Hood: Lather, Rinse, Remember”

  1. Kristina Says:

    This is beautiful and lyrical and I loved reading it.


  2. Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson Says:

    I love this because it is so very different from the way I write.

    I understand this journey completely. My hair has been so many colors. I have loved them all. Until I didn’t anymore.

    These days, I am not so daring. No more crew cuts for this girl, but I do love going to the salon. The not knowing what it will look like. The transformation.

    And you captured all that. 😉


  3. shelton keys dunning Says:

    This is a winner. Love this. I’ve been through all of these stages in my mind, scared to actually carry out any of it. Mostly just scared of change. My hair is the one thing that won’t change unless I tell it to.

    But this was prose, poignant and perfect, that deserves a crown. Brava!


    • Venus Says:

      Thank you so very much for visiting and for the kind comment! I guess we all have different ways of effecting change in our lives, and guarding and keeping some things the same.


  4. Valerie Says:

    I just have to say that I consider this to be a first rate piece of writing-and the way it was constructed, with the colors and the lengths of hair-was really, really brilliant! For myself, with my really curly hair-every hair cut is an adventure:)


    • Venus Says:

      Thanks so much Valerie! Mine is also curly, but not too unruly. That meant that growing out the short hair was a true challenge… especially as I have a cowlick that I didn’t realize I had!


  5. kidfriendlyja Says:

    I say red!! I enjoyed this so much.
    I for one have been terrified of colour, but have to admit I have considered Leelo’s colour as well. LOL.


  6. Jackie Says:

    I really liked this! The stages of life that one goes through with their hair, what it represents, and how it makes us feel. Well done!


  7. The M Half Says:

    I love the way you took this prompt and turned it into something lyrical, as Kristina said. I’ve been through all these phases. “Boy Short,” then “Medium because, while “there’s nothing wrong with that,” – yep, I’ve been there too!


  8. Tomekha Says:

    Hair as an expression of self – rebellion, independence… This was really very good.


  9. Cheryl @ Mommypants Says:

    I love all the different phases and what they meant to you .


  10. Galit Breen Says:

    Venus? This is fantastic!

    I adore stories told in vignettes and this one is no exception.

    You revealed so very much in just a few words. And that? Is a gift.



  11. Ash Says:

    I love this, love the journey. One pretty much any woman can identify with – at least they should. I’m from the same school of thought that hair is an accessory that should be radically changed, early and often.



  12. Sweaty Says:

    Wow, I love how you approached this prompt! It clearly depicted the significance of hair in all the different stages of your life; each change almost like a new canvas filled with so many possibilities. I too, have colored my hair every different color there was back in the days 🙂 Blood red, purple, orange, blonde, and black–you name the color, I’ve had it. And like you, each one told a story, of who I was at that time. Wonderful piece of writing, Venus!


  13. Cheryl Says:

    Makes me want to go straight to the hairdresser, NOW! Brilliant!


  14. Jamie Walker (@chosenchaos) Says:

    This was such a great post… I want to know the answer!!


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