100 Word Song: Take to the Sky

He loved her.  She was pretty sure he loved her.DepressSmall
Yes, he must love her, or he wouldn’t be here now, stroking her hair.
as if she were a dog
kicked as if she were his dog, then soothed through whimpers
What if he left? It seemed she was always getting in his way, bringing him down.
being useless
But god, his smile.  In his smile she felt special, felt sexy, felt good enough.
but smiles are few and far between
Up through her tears she smiled, hoping to see his mouth mirror her own, his eyes crinkle.
“It’s OK.”


This piece was brought to you by My Blog Can Beat Up Your BlogME (last week’s winner!) via Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. I chose Tori Amos’ “Take to the Sky” because: a) I like it a lot and it’s become a bit of a theme song for me; b) it’s rich in imagery and I hoped it would provide good inspiration for others.  Hope you enjoy this piece of fiction, all concrit encouraged and welcome!

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4 Comments on “100 Word Song: Take to the Sky”

  1. troy P. Says:

    I really didn’t want to click the like button, as that was so heart-wrenching. Still, it’s only a good writer who can evoke those sorts of emotions, and that is exactly what you did.

    Thank you for these 100, and thank you for choosing Tori this week!


    • Venus Says:

      Yes, it was actually difficult to write the words to be honest… but it was an aspect of the song that spoke to me and I figure it never hurts to bring attention to the fact that domestic abuse is still rampant (and some of the emotions that make it difficult for victims to save themselves). Thanks for visiting and the kind comment!


  2. Linda Roy Says:

    This is gorgeous.


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