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100 Word Song: Take to the Sky

January 23, 2014


He loved her.  She was pretty sure he loved her. Yes, he must love her, or he wouldn’t be here now, stroking her hair. as if she were a dog kicked as if she were his dog, then soothed through whimpers What if he left? It seemed she was always getting in his way, bringing […]

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100 Word Songs: Her Gift To Him

January 20, 2014


The notes came as she tried to find his eyes.  It was so important that he hear her vulnerability. The words tumbled one after another, the pianist muscling the chords underneath. She began to realize that she was alone in the limelight — holding his hand on this holy stage that they shared — where they […]

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100 Word Songs: Just Like Starting Over

January 15, 2014


**We rejoin Tom at the beach for this 100 Word Song entry.  Catch up on Tom and Shelley here.** Dead?  The word had no meaning, yet, to Tom; death was abstract.  But Shelley was real.  Real, here, in front of him, radiating a palpable, gut-churning fear that made him wish, for the briefest instant, that […]

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100 Word Songs: The Stranger

August 22, 2012


***Read the previous episode of Tom and Shelly here*** “I just can’t remember…” her voice trailed off, chasing the breeze. Tom did a golden retriever head-tilt. “You remember at least a bit, or you wouldn’t be this scared.” He watched as something subtle vacated Shelley’s face, a part of her retreating from his statement of […]

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100 Word Songs: Peel Me A Grape

August 21, 2012


And… break. Wait for it. Feel his breath in his splayed fingers across the small of my back. Relax the taut, feel the floor, hear the music in the space in between. Smallest guidance. Barely there movement. Hint of a shift, my weightlessness in his arms. Repeat, repeat, repeat. The tap tap tap on the […]

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Red Writing Hood: Right on the Edge

March 30, 2012


***A continuation of the last story with Tom and Shelley here*** “Oh Tom, it’s not you, really.”  Shelley said. Then she heaved a sigh.  An ominous, brace-yourself-buddy-for-what-I’m-going-to-lay-down kind of sigh.  A sigh indicating a wish that this beach had a convenient swim-up bar at which to purchase some Dutch Courage. “I don’t even know how […]

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100 Word Songs: Breaking the Girl

March 28, 2012


Tears from him. In that hotel room, in the dark. Unmanning me. “I can’t… just can’t!” His voice pleaded, pulling the sheets up, aborting the moment. Me, Munsch’s Scream, silent, gaping.  Not breathing. Pulse frenetic. I couldn’t hear.  Something about another girl, no — a woman. Another woman.  He loved us both. She in Ohio, […]

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Red Writing Hood: Not His To Tell

February 10, 2012


I tend to walk with my eyes downcast. I watch the sidewalk.  For debris, cracks, dog shit. So when the snow started to fall, I didn’t notice it. As I had put down my head and started my walk I was on the north side of campus.  Now, heading south through the park toward my […]

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Red Writing Hood: The Beach

January 27, 2012


Gritty. In her mouth, in her suit, in her mind. “When did I become such a killjoy?” He cocked an eyebrow, and said, “What do you mean, ‘when’?” “Pffft.” Shelley wiggled her toes, displacing Tom’s weatherbeaten ones in the sand.  She tried to re-embody childhood memories. warmth tickling toes, laughter dancing on the air, eyes […]

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Red Writing Hood: Salt Water

January 20, 2012


“Please,” I said, through tears.  Salty, danger-on-the-highway-inducing tears.  “Please let’s just take this exit.  We can go to the beach.” I didn’t really expect him to say yes, I just needed to fight. “You know I can’t” he said, looking out of the window transfixed as the exit for Half Moon Bay passed us by. […]

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