100 Word Songs: The Stranger

***Read the previous episode of Tom and Shelly here***

“I just can’t remember…” her voice trailed off, chasing the breeze.

Tom did a golden retriever head-tilt. “You remember at least a bit, or you wouldn’t be this scared.” He watched as something subtle vacated Shelley’s face, a part of her retreating from his statement of fact. Suddenly she was a mask.

She said, “Of course, you’re right.”

Very little unnerved Tom usually, but now he foundered as he tried to place this pale shadow of Shelley into context.

Shelley’s eyes refocused, turned on Tom. His breath caught.

With the voice and eyes of a stranger Shelley breathed, “She was dead.”


This piece was brought to you by:

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

from Deb (last week’s winner) via Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. Deb’s song choice? One of my favorite songs ever, The Stranger by Billy Joel. The scariest strangers in our lives are the ones we don’t expect – the hidden facets of the people we think we know the best. I had tons of true stories I could have done here, but I decided it would be a better writing exercise to visit Tom and Shelley who’ve been languishing for a while. Luckily the prompt fit in with the story line as I’d already planned it. Hope you enjoy, all concrit encouraged and welcome!

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9 Comments on “100 Word Songs: The Stranger”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Shelley has creeped me out. I think I need to read the previous entry…


    • Venus Says:

      Let me know what you think. She’s not actually a scary character, it’s just a weird situation. I think. I haven’t worked out the whole story in my head yet. 😉


  2. debseeman Says:

    Umm, this line, “he foundered as he tried to place this pale shadow of Shelley into context.” is dope! Great description.


  3. k~ Says:

    “a golden retriever head-tilt,” nice visual.


  4. Victoria KP (@vic39first) Says:

    I’m intrigued. I can’t wait to see this unfold.

    Are you sure you aren’t writing a novel???


  5. t Says:

    Everybody else already stole the best bits, so I’ll just say, “nicely done!”


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