Monday Listicles: 10 Names I Would Have Named Myself

January 27, 2014

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I’m linking up with  Northwest Mommy‘s Monday Listicles.  I’ve previously written about my name here as well. I hope you enjoy!


10 Names I Would Have Named Myself

1. Venus.  Because being able to take this picture is rad.

2. Venus. Because having to respond a lot to, “Is your brother Uranus?” builds character.


Credit: NASA

3. Venus.  Because it’s awesome to have a song with your name in it.

4. Venus. Because who doesn’t want to share a name with a vibrating razor???

5. Venus.  Because the name translates into just about every language in the world, which is WAY cool.
Gold Star

6. Venus. Because having a name that rhymes with “penis” makes it a LOT easier to play the penis game.*

7. Venus: Because other cool people have it.

8. Simon James Alexander Ragsdale the Third. Ok, not really, but if you know why this is here, then we’re in a pretty cool secret club together!

9. Venus.  Because being “Botticellian” sounds even sexier than “curvy.”

10. Venus. Because I just can’t imagine being named anything else!

*Searching Wikipedia for “penis game” results in a redirection to “Chicken Game.”  While I do not wholly disagree with this, as the penis game is one of brinksmanship, it’s too bad it’s not specifically mentioned in the article.  I would link to something else, but I’m not stupid/brave enough to Google “penis game” and see what teh interwebz come up with.  If you don’t know the game and really want to know, tell me in comments and I will elaborate in another post.**

**I’m going to perform an experiment here and add “penis game” as a tag to this post to see what kind of searches it shows up on (assuming they lead traffic here).  Should be fun!


Would you have named yourself something different?  Then go write it down and hook up with Northwest Mommy NOW!

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6 Comments on “Monday Listicles: 10 Names I Would Have Named Myself”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Hands down, you have the coolest name.


  2. Lexi WAHM Blogger Says:

    I am a fan of your really cool name! 🙂 I have a friend in Germany who sings in a band called Venus in Pain. And I love them!


  3. Stasha Says:

    For every beautiful Venus there shall be an amazing penis.


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