My Life In… Song (Part One)

An Open Letter To Frankie Avalon

Frankie Avalon, you have my thanks for life.  Not because you were a teenage heart-throb.  Not because you permanently affected my views on beauty school.

Because you named me.

Because of you, my name is not Sunshine.  I do not wish to denegrate other Sunshines in this world; Sunshine simply is not *my* name.

Instead, because of your song “Venus”, I have the name of a goddess.  I have the name of a planet, of a vibrating line of razors.  My name rhymes with a certain piece of male anatomy.  I had to break my name in over time like a baseball glove.  Every “Venus Penis” or “Is your brother Uranus” adding saddle soap and suppleness, adding cracks and depth and flexibility.

Gold Star

Gold Star

Your song is central to who I am.  I sing your song when I am afraid and sad, and also when I’m happy.  I sing it to those who ask where my name came from, and those who don’t.

I love that when I go to a diner for pancakes that I will invariably hear your voice singing just to me as another customer puts a coin into the jukebox.

Because of your song, I have a name which is translatable into every language which has names for heavenly bodies.  I am The Morning Star.  I am The Evening Star.  In China, I am The Gold Star.  Retrograde planet motion?  Yes, I’ve got that, too.

Thank-you Frankie Avalon. This tattoo’s for you.


This post was inspired by the 
writing meme, prompt: Tattoos


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9 Comments on “My Life In… Song (Part One)”

  1. the writ and the wrote Says:

    Cute story. Stopped by from Write on Edge.


  2. amberpagewrites Says:

    That’s a gorgeous name! I’m named Amber…but I was supposed to be Amy. My dad forgot. That’s not nearly as cool.


  3. Cheryl @ Mommypants Says:

    That is a very cool story. I love the description of you breaking in your name like a baseball glove. Awesome imagery.


  4. Karen Peterson Says:

    I think Venus is a beautiful name, but your take on it made me giggle. In a good way!


  5. Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos Says:

    This was very well written.

    But I feel for little girl who had to hear all those jokes about their name.

    I know all about it.

    Although at least I didn’t rhyme with male anatomy.


  6. Galit Breen Says:

    Venus! Yippy! I’m so excited tat you’re here!

    What a fabulous piece about your name, your story, and girl? Your words are fabulous!

    I love that you went with a letter format- original, poignant!



  7. Venus Says:

    Thanks everyone for the supportive and kind feedback. 🙂 And don’t worry @KellyK, it may have been difficult being teased when I was very young, but it really became a non-issue at some point. I hate to use the cliche that sometimes hardship is character-building, but in this case I think it truly was.



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