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My Life In… Song (part 2)

November 13, 2011


Sundays are heaven at my house, because my husband is awesome, and I am a heathen. During the week, M gets up at 7 with G and I get a blessed hour (sometimes more) of sleep to myself in bed, all alone. This is what he offered to do since he’s not up with G […]

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My Life In… Song (Part One)

October 14, 2011


An Open Letter To Frankie Avalon Frankie Avalon, you have my thanks for life.  Not because you were a teenage heart-throb.  Not because you permanently affected my views on beauty school. Because you named me. Because of you, my name is not Sunshine.  I do not wish to denegrate other Sunshines in this world; Sunshine […]

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