100 Word Songs: Just Like Starting Over

January 15, 2014

100 Word Song, Creative, Memes, Shout-Outs

**We rejoin Tom at the beach for this 100 Word Song entry.  Catch up on Tom and Shelley here.**TS2_Feature

Dead?  The word had no meaning, yet, to Tom; death was abstract.  But Shelley was real.  Real, here, in front of him, radiating a palpable, gut-churning fear that made him wish, for the briefest instant, that he could go back to this morning and start over — could redirect Shelley’s desire to go to the beach into the desire for a drive in the mountains, or breakfast down at The Usual instead.

Admonishing himself that he’d never been the type to stomach ignorance for bliss, Tom pulled Shelley’s inert form into his arms and soothed, “Let it out… all out.”


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from Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.  Hope you enjoy, all concrit encouraged and welcome!

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