Mama Kat’s: 22 Things I’ve Done

November 1, 2011

Mama Kat's, Memes

This is so late… but it was worth the exercise anyway! 🙂  Enjoy.

Mama’s Losin’ It
1. I have seen Mao and Lenin, they don’t look like dead bodies. But they don’t look like wax figures, either. Creepy.
2. I’ve been lost on the Moscow subway. A kind gentleman from Nairobi (studying in Moscow at the time) took pity on me and showed me how to get to Red Square. I took him to Baskin-Robbins where I bought him American ice-cream with my hard currency.
3. I’ve hyperventilated in glass elevators. I continue to go on them despite this.
4. I’ve sung with amazing voices in a cave with the lights off. It was as close to heaven as one gets while deep underground.
5. I’ve walked five miles home -alone- on a daily basis from school as a young child.
6. I have laughed at a man in a trench coat who flashed me. I did not laugh when I had to explain what the flasher “looked like” to a male policeman later that day. How embarrassing was that for a middle-schooler?
7. I have received a death threat written in cut-out magazine letters. Luckily, the singing rival who wrote it never made good on the threat.
8. I have totalled a car while illicitly driving a mountain road to see a meteor shower with my then boyfriend. When my father, whose new car it was, had trouble speaking to me for a little while, my grandfather told me about the time my father had totalled *his* new car on the very same road I did.  Grandpa FTW!
9. I have played Kim in Bye-Bye Birdie, twice.
10. I have been a student ambassador to the Soviet Union (back when it still *was* the USSR). I met a young man there who suffered from radiation sickness he developed after living near Chernobyl.
11. I have sung on the Great Wall of China, and had to climb not a few stairs to do so.
12. I have slept on the floor of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Hey, other people were as well, so it’s not like I was crazy or anything.
13. I’ve been broken-up-with on the steps of Montmartre in Paris. For an alto. (Apologies, altos, I’m sure you’re all wonderful people.)
14. I have taught swing dance. There’s almost nothing more satisfying than seeing the lightbulb flash as a student “gets” it. Teachers, you know what I’m talking about!
15. I have been engaged four times. This makes me sound way more desirable therm I actually am, believe me.
16. I have purchased three wedding dresses. Did you know wedding dresses cannot be returned?
17. I have been married twice.  Second time’s the charm!
18. I’ve hiked down into the Grand Canyon. I cried piteously after the 10th mile in, and lost a toenail. But it was totally worth it.
19. I’ve hiked up to the second-highest peak in Death Valley. The trailhead starts pretty far up, so it’s not like I actually climbed very high in an absolute sense, but there’s altitude to contend with, so pretend I didn’t tell you any of that detail and just be amazed. 😉
20. I have sewn a dress for my college dorm-mate to wear to Ren-Faire. She is now a costumer for stage and film. Coincidence? I think not.
21. I have survived child abuse. Surviving can be an ongoing challenge, though.
22. I have given birth to a small person who is changing my life for the better, every day.


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2 Comments on “Mama Kat’s: 22 Things I’ve Done”

  1. Lance Says:

    So when a dude drops “will you marry me”, your response is, “sure, I’v ebeen through this before”?

    Death threats are kind of an honor aren’t they? Like perverse compliments. Mine didn’t follow through either, to the chagrin of many.

    Thanks for the look inside.


    • Venus Says:

      BUAHAHAHA. Hrm, I’m not sure that’s *exactly* how I responded to the proposals. 😉 Yeah, death threats are a kind of honor! Cheers to empty threats, glad we’re still alive.


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