Take it away Eric the orchestra leader!

November 2, 2011

Listening, Shout-Outs

I am a Monty Python fan.  I owned a python once (how did that not make it onto my list of “I have done“s???), and its name was NOT “Monty”.  Everyone names their snake “Monty”.

No, mine was named “Eric”, and that’s how you can tell I’m a more discerning Python devotee, because ALL animals are named “Eric” dontchaknow.

Today I’d like to talk about “Rock Notes”, a sketch from Python’s Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album.  Never heard it?  You can get a copy at iTunes.  Or, you can see a fairly well-done transcript here.

For you music lovers, you may be surprised to know that Toad the Wet Sproket‘s name came from this sketch.

When I first heard the sketch, I was fairly young, and listened generally only to classic rock and mainstream top 40.  So I found the sketch funny, but it didn’t resonate with any personal experience.

Lately I’ve been looking at band bios on Pandora as music plays, and I’ve decided that there is a conspiracy amongst music writers (and band-namers) to cleave as closely as possible to Pythonish.

Case in point for your perusal:  Here’s an excerpt from a bio that appeared on Pandora of the band The Sea And Cake.  I was able to find the original article so I could credit the author, Jason Ankeny.  Jason, the Pythons would be proud!  Extra points to The Sea And Cake for having a band member named “Eric”.

“The Sea and Cake are a post-rock supergroup of sorts, comprised of luminaries from the Chicago independent scene. The band is led by singer/guitarist Sam Prekop, who, along with bassist Eric Claridge, was an alumnus of the frequently brilliant Shrimp Boat.”

And is it just me, or does anyone else find the description “frequently brilliant” funny?  It somehow sounds like a backhanded compliment.  What are they when they aren’t “frequently brilliant” I’d like to know?

Please comment with your favorite absurd band names, or a fave Python quote, or hell, anything you want.  Every comment is sacred. 😉


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3 Comments on “Take it away Eric the orchestra leader!”

  1. Reid Says:

    Venus Hum. They are an electronic group that opened up for the Blue Man Group several years ago when they were on tour. I figured you would like that since your name is in the band name. They got the name from one of the members who has a condition called “Venous Hum” where he can hear his own heartbeat in his ears.


    • Venus Says:

      Hi Reid!! Hey – I’ve actually heard a song by them on Pandora… and you’re right, I love band names with my name in. 🙂 I also love that working in medicine means people who write me emails often misspell my name as “Venous” because their fingers are just so used to typing it. 😉


  2. Lance Says:

    Toad the Wet Sprocket and The Killing Joke (great 80s punk band) are named after Monty skits….

    I’m a so so fan. Holy Grail and Life of Brian are good movies. From Grail:

    Sir Galahad: I bet you’re gay
    Sir Lancelot : am not!


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