Thankful Tuesdays: Halloween Success

November 1, 2011

Holidays, Memes, Thankful Tuesdays

Other costumes called to me from the pages of glossy made-for-moms-who-always-wear-makeup magazines.
You came to me from the gently-worn store on my local strip.
I adopted you with trepidation, worried you wouldn’t find a good home with us.
Worried you’d be rejected and end up tear- and spit-up-stained, discarded and lonely on the floor.
I pushed the worry aside, we’d just have to see.
I’ll admit the introduction didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.
There was, indeed, some struggle. Some tears were shed.
I sank a little.

But then, quick as BOO! you were his second skin.
He looked at you in the mirror and decided you were welcome and loved,
his hands beating in excitement on the mirror’s surface.
He mugged through you to the camera we propped up in front of him,
his face beaming, his eyes twinkling, mischievous.

Our relationship was short; he was a bit overwhelmed by all the new multi-colored faces
and loud greedy excited noises.

And in the end
you did end up on the floor.

And you probably had some spit-up on you, too.

But you were not discarded; you became a happy memory
living on in pictures and prose.

I will put you in a special place from which, perhaps,
I will take you out someday to introduce you to a new wearer.
And we will make memories again.

Happy Halloween!

G, Halloween 2011

G, Halloween 2011


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2 Comments on “Thankful Tuesdays: Halloween Success”

  1. Lance Says:

    That’s extreme cuteness.

    Hope your Halloween was happy.


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