And then there were… WAY TOO MANY

February 9, 2012

Blogging, Unfortunate

My problem is that I really love reading blogs.

Yeah, that’s a problem.

In that I don’t have enough time to actually read all the ones I’ve subscribe to in my Reader.  Hell, I hardly have enough time to POST lately, and respond to the kind commenters on my own stuff let alone READ others’.

And I’m at least a week behind on featured SITS bloggers… have to catch up on those!

My Reader actually makes faces at me.  Stern “you’ve been neglecting your bloggy friends” faces with mouth turned down at the corners and a furrowed brow.

I have 524 unread posts in my Reader.  FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR.  At this point, I just pretty much have to give up on most of them and start over, which sucks.

How do you all manage your subscriptions?  Am I just being totally unrealistic?  I feel that if I unsubscribe from anyone’s blog that I’m somehow insulting them, even though they probably don’t even know I was subscribed to them in the first place (especially with the lack of comment love I’ve been giving lately).

Is the “responsible supportive blogger” a myth?  At least, for those of us with other things that have to take priority in our lives (whatever those things may be)?

And really, the worst part is that I really WANT to read them all.  I’ve subscribed to them because they actually make me smile, laugh, think, boo, hiss, or otherwise emotionally or intellectually engage me.  So not only do I feel GUILTY about unsubcribing to make my list more manageable, I also know that in doing so I’ll be MISSING OUT on good stuff!


Strategies?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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4 Comments on “And then there were… WAY TOO MANY”

  1. blogginglily Says:

    Same issue. . . as I become more active and participate in other blogs. . . I follow them. I have soooo many blogs in my blog roll that sometimes I’m EXCITED when i add people who only blog once every two weeks or so.


  2. Lance Says:

    I have a top 40….like dick clark, or ryan seacrest. I read you all NO MATTER WHAT. Then I use twitter, word of mouth or blind dumb luck to catch the others. Mondays and Fridays are days when people post a lot. Usuually I know to check my phone more than usual. The truth is, I stay loyal to the people who are loyal to me. If you read/comment/engage me, we’re blog buddies til the end of time.

    btw….you’re one of the top ones. I always make time for this place. write more, please.


  3. Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd Says:

    I kind of do things in tiers – the blogs I never want to miss, the blogs I interact with via comments or twitter, and then everyone else. They all add up so fast eventually you have to pick and choose.


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