March 24, 2012

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I’m Not Writing A Novel has a new look!!

It’s nothing fancy, as I’m still totally cheap and using WordPress for free.  Still, I think it’s mucho better than it was.

Also, I’m Not Writing A Novel has its own facebook page now.  Everybody’s doing it… Jim at Just a Lil Blog, Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog, The Robot Mommy (who just celebrated her 1-year blogiversary, can I get a what what!), and plenty of others.

So, if you are so inclined, you can go like the page… I’ve put a handy button over there on the right ————> see it?

This new blog design lets me feature posts along the top (as you may have noticed).  I’ve stuck some there that I feel are fairly representative of what I’m doing here.  However, if you think there’s a different post that should be getting attention, let me know.


In other news, M and I are organizing our trip to San Francisco to see beloved friends and family in late April.  Let the frantic scheduling of meet-ups begin!

You bloggy friends in the Bay Area who are not too shy, feel free to reach out and we can meet up, too!  I don’t get out much (to San Francisco, or really, out of my house at all) so I can’t promise I’ll actually be entertaining in person.  Just sayin’.  Ican promise that I will be wearing clothes.  There’s a good chance mascara will be involved.  And it’slikely that I won’t be so traumatized from flying with G that I’ll be insane.  What more could you want?


Lastly, Klout has let me know in no uncertain terms that I’m just not as hot with the peeps a I was when I was blogging every day for NaBloPoMo. (Gee, really?)

Well.  I kind of liked having that score that means absolutely nothing in the real world but gives me something to obsessively preen about when I should be working!

So, here’s to more posting in the future.  Don’t panic, I’m NOT going back to every day (at least, not until November).  I can’t write all  that, and you can’t read it.  At the very least, I want to get back to writing at least one meme post a week — as I got busy and stuff, those were the first posts to go.  Wish me luck!


OK, I guess that wasn’t the last thing, sorry.  At some point in the future I’ll be doing a guest post at MommyNaniBooBoo for her 8 Line Challenge in honor of her pubic bone.  Please go check her out… there will be other guest posts before mine and I know they’ll be awesome.

Now I’m done. 🙂

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4 Comments on “Facelift!”

  1. blogginglily Says:

    I LIKE it! And my liking it has nothing to do with you linking to me, I swear. I have to see if I already liked you on facebook. I mean, liked your page. It’s irritating. I HAD to have a personal page or my page page didn’t work. Now I find myself liking pages on my page, then switching over to my personal profile and liking them again, and I can never remember what I’ve liked and what I haven’t.

    So did you do it your self?


  2. Lance Says:

    I love the blog changes. Nice picture/glasses. awesome…I’ll go like the page, now. WRITE!


  3. Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd Says:

    New place looks good! I love the glasses, too! 🙂


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