And they couldn’t get the smile off her face…

April 19, 2006



Sometimes crazy things happen. Things that you just never would’ve believed if someone had warned you in advance. “When pigs fly…” you think.

And then it happens. The moment occurs and all of a sudden you’re rearranged from the inside out, and you’re damned if you can recall what day it is, and you realize that blue is really red.

And before you know it you’re jumping on talk show hosts’ couches and proclaiming to the world that you, too, have joined the ranks of the Fools In Love.

Yes, it’s true. That urge to shout from rooftops? Check. Complete inability to focus on anything else in life? Got it.

Got it bad. 🙂 And damn is it good.

Sooooooo… why haven’t I been posting? Please reference the above mention of inability to focus on anything else in life. Oh-my-god-can-he-withstand-one-more-name-guy mentioned tonight that I hadn’t posted in a while and that I should do so. And I’ve missed you all in any case.

So here I am (on his laptop) announcing my sudden restoration of faith in romance.

*silly happy dance*



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2 Comments on “And they couldn’t get the smile off her face…”

  1. aduvanchek Says:

    I admire your enthusiam and faith in love…;)


  2. sweeney_o Says:

    Holy shit! You go girl! I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you when I made brief, prairie-dog-like log ons to Yahoo. You are you doing stuff! Rule! 🙂
    But, uh, no up-on-the-couch proclamations, please. 🙂


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