I’ve completely lost it

August 11, 2006

Personal Faves, Romance

Alert, this will be mushy and cloying. And I don’t really care.

I don’t even know how to properly write what I’m feeling.

I know thirst. It’s not hunger, it’s thirst. It’s a longing for something that gives you life — something you drink every day — something without which you wilt. It’s not transitory. It is cumulative. This is not hunger. This is not the satisfaction of unnecessary desire. This is not of the body. This is of the soul, of being.

I drink you like water
I soak you up through my fingers and toes
skin and hair spread across the pillow
I gulp when I can and sip when I must
drown whenever I’m able
my eyes greener for the gift
blooming, growing, deepening
thirst when you’re not near
fumbling to not waste a single drop
that falls from wherever you are
my face raised to the sky and mouth open
as if to catch rain

love you


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