Randomer and randomer

November 20, 2011

Random Quotes

watching hockey last night

Me: Heh.

M: What?

Me: If you look at that one player’s name on the back of his jersey out of the corner of your eye, it looks like “CHUPACABRA”. It’s actually something weird like “chipcoin” or something.

M: Heh.

play continues and Rick Jeanerette, the Sabres’ amazing play-by-play announcer mentions the Phoenix Coyotes player Chipchura

Me: Oh! That was it! See? “Chipchura”… “chupacabra”…

M: Heh. Or “chimichanga”.

at my birthday dinner, looking at a man sitting at the bar

M: Do we know that guy?

Me: I was wondering that myself. I don’t think so but he looks really familiar.
He looks a bit like Paul Giamatti.

M: Wow, that’s harsh.

Me: Really? I don’t thinks so.

M: He looks like that actor… that French guy… he was in…

Me: Jean Reno?

M: Oh! Yeah, I think. That was him in… erm…

Me: The Professional?

M: Yes!

Me: How’d you know?

Me: I’m special like that. And you’re right. He’s like a mix of Paul Giamatti and Jean Reno, but younger.

M: And much shorter.
I always think he looked dissipated in that movie.

Me: Who?

M: John Reno.

Me: I do not think that word means what you think it means. “Dissipated” is when someone’s lived a bit too hedonistically.

M: Ah, you mean like the members of Van Halen?

Me: *winesnort* Ha! Yes! Or maybe The Rolling Stones.

M: Oh, no, not The Stones.

Me: Why not?

M: I don’t see Van Halen as aging from being overworked. They’re more…
points his finger to an imaginary origin point where x and y-axes meet and draws a parabolic arc upward


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4 Comments on “Randomer and randomer”

  1. Kristy @PampersandPinot Says:

    Sounds like the kind of stuff I’m thinking of at sporting events!


  2. Lance Says:

    yep….you two sounds a lot like the Bobina and I. One inane conversation after another.



    • Venus Says:

      Thanks 🙂 Most of the inanity isn’t worth reprinting… but some things tickle me more than others. I’m glad you and the Bobina are similar. 🙂


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