I’m beginning to despair

November 21, 2011

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So, only two people have signed up so far for Twitter Literature 2011!

I have this sinking suspicion that our final product is going to look something like this:

Me: It was a dark and stormy night kitchen.

TLanceB: A, B, and C stared in horror through the splattered windows at the approaching zombie horde, the warbling of “Just For Now” by Imogen Heap mocking the scene.

chemgirljaime: And then A woke up and realized it was time for #wineparty, and that the zombies had just been a final-exam-fatigue fueled nightmare.

Me: Fin.

Truly, a masterpiece.

But one that should never exist.  Only you can prevent forest fires this literary catastrophe!  Please PLEASE PLEASE (I’m begging) consider joining our cause as either a story creator via our upcoming twitter party, or as a “sponsor” of our full story or a single writer.  Sponsors do not need a twitter account to participate!

I’ll be donating to a project (or a few, depending on how much money this works out to be) on Donors Choose based on the number of story-writing participants and the amount of story we write.  I’m inviting sponsors to do the same and pick a charity and donate!

All of the details about how to participate are here.  My initial post explaining why I’m doing this is here (including a shout-out to #Movember charity goddess TheRobotMommy).

Please don’t let the fact that the entire thing will probably end up in flames and recriminations deter you.  At the very least we will be donating money to good causes.

If this just isn’t for you, but you know someone who might be interested, please tell them about this!  Mentioning it on Facebook or twitter would help, too!

The hashtag for this endeavor is #TLit2011.

Don’t leave us lonely.


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4 Comments on “I’m beginning to despair”

  1. Lance Says:

    1) I’m writing robots over zombies, because I’m part robot.

    2) Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People is soundtracking that scene so…step off

    3) people will join, be patient


    • Venus Says:


      I figured robots was too predictable, so I decided to go with the zombies, like your Halloween post. And you’re right, Beautiful People is so much better. I had absolutely NOTHING in my music arsenal for this and punted.


  2. Kristi Says:

    I’m posting. 🙂


  3. amberpagewrites Says:

    I’m in! Sounds like fun!


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