February 2, 2012


Wow.  I’m learning all sorts of things about myself while doing this blogging thing.

Sometimes, it’s forcing me to acknowledge things that I already knew but was conveniently ignoring.

This morning, for instance, I’m stunned at my disappointment that I have no official views of yesterday’s post yet.  Here’s why I’m stunned (at my disappointment, not my “lack” of views):

1. Ok, really??? Am I really writing EXPRESSLY for others to read, or isn’t part of this supposed to be about catharsis and just the pleasure of getting stuff on the written page?  You know, doing it for ME??  Sheesh.

2. Well… there are people who read my stuff via Reader or other feed-delivery methods which don’t get logged as “views” by WordPress, so really, there are probably HUNDREDS of people who read yesterday’s post and I just don’t know about it yet. Right, and I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Alaska… wait, they didn’t build that one?  Shit.

3. To myself: People just need time, they’re busy you know.  They can’t all be waiting breathlessly for your every post.  Some of them might be sick and not reading at all! OK, how screwed up am I that I would rather think that my excellent bloggy friends are SICK just so I can feel better that they aren’t reading my vanity post about my child?

4. Shouldn’t I be complaining about real things, IMPORTANT things?  Like hunger or disease or genocide or, at the very least, American politics?  Oh god, why did I bring THAT up?  Now I’m depressed…

You know what?  For the good of my alarmingly increasing ego, and perhaps for the good of the world (in that if I’m not so distracted by this whole blog-ego thing maybe I could end world hunger dontchaknow), I invite you to boycott my blog for a week or so.

Um, just make sure to leave me comments every day telling me you’re boycotting.

Yeah, that’ll work.



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13 Comments on “Really????”

  1. Dave Says:

    I think I see the problem. Everyone who read that last post died of cute.
    (except for me, because I’ve been cold and dead inside for years)
    Does WordPress count the views of dead people? I suspect not, as that could be seen to violate the “no zombies” clause in their Terms of Service.


  2. Kasey Vance Says:

    I read your wonderful post about a sweet boy that I wish I could see way more often than…one time. =) But I get email alerts of your posts and just read it right in my email. So that doesn’t show on your view counter. I love reading your posts as it gives me some insight on my dear husband. I have so many questions for you!! =) But to address this post…I totally feel you. I have a blog and no one ever reads it. I feel a little annoyed but since I don’t advertise it other than having the link in my info section on Facebook, I can’t get too butt hurt. No one reads it, cuz no one knows about it. lol


  3. Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd Says:

    Maybe SO many people saw it, that there’s not actually a number for it yet, so WordPress panicked and said it was zero.


  4. omathgoddess Says:

    Clicked over from my reader just for you 🙂


  5. Lance Says:

    I read it so many times that infinite showed up on your reader…..

    You know you can always yell at me on two different forms of social to media to check out your stuff. Im used to being yelled at by women.

    keep writing/posting


  6. blogginglily Says:

    I have about 15 people that read my blog posts. . . and they all just refresh it to see if anyone replied to their awesome comments. That really makes the numbers go up.

    I find myself irrationally concerned with my page views and followers on blogger. Like when i worked out a lot I was constantly getting on the scale for that justifying number. . . and now that I blog, I do the same with “Page Views”.


    • Venus Says:

      Ha! I do actually go back to some of your posts to see if you’ve replied to a comment! Glad to know I’m not alone.. 🙂


      • blogginglily Says:

        I’m confused why this post is at the top of your page. . . *still figuring out your new format*

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