Don’t worry, everyone will be drunk anyway.

February 5, 2012

Drinking, Shout-Outs

Yesterday we decided to take a walk to Blue Monk to participate in their Sour Beer fest (more about Blue Monk and our sour beer proclivity here).

We got showered and dressed and packed G snugly into his stroller.

As M and I were getting our shoes, coats, scarves, earmuffs, and gloves on, I realized I’d forgotten to do the one thing I normally do when we go in public to pay lip-service to the yeah-I’m-a-mom-but-I-can-still-be-well-put-together-damnit ethic.

Me: Oh! I forgot to put mascara on… Oh well, can’t be bothered now.

M:  Don’t worry, everyone will be drunk anyway.

Me: Pfffftttttt!

M: (laughing) I’m guessing that wasn’t really the response you were looking for.

Me: (also laughing) Not really, no.

M: I need big Ray Orbison sunglasses.*  What’s that song he did?

Me: Which one? How about You Got It.

M: Nah, the other one… Pretty Lady?

Me: (thoughts of Jerry Lewis impersonating Roy Orbison dancing in my head) Pretty Woman.

M: Yeah, that’s it. (attempts to sing the first line of the song)

Me: (thinking that wow, he pretty much sounds like my previously mentioned ideation of Lewis doing Orbison) I raise an eyebrow in your general direction.**

M: What, too warbly?  I thought it was pretty good!

Me: Don’t worry, everyone will be drunk anyway.

M: Oh, so that’s how it is, is it?

Me: Yes, yes it is.

and scene

* M is considering getting Lasik surgery, so he must use his glasses instead of his contacts for a couple of weeks before getting evaluated. Since he doesn’t have Rx sunglasses, he has to go sunglassless unless we happen to have a non-Rx pair big enough wear on top of his regular glasses… Which besides us not having, would look really silly.  I suppose that’s what got him thinking of Orbison.

** I didn’t actually say that.  I wish I had because it would have been damn funny.  In reality I just turned to him and cocked my eyebrow… But as I’d already put in a descriptive aside on that line of the conversation, it seemed like it could really use some dialogue, not just more description.  We’ll just pretend I’m that awesome.


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4 Comments on “Don’t worry, everyone will be drunk anyway.”

  1. blogginglily Says:

    That reminds me. . . i’m out of beer.


  2. Sweaty Says:

    I agree–everyone do look great when you’re drunk.


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