My kid has great taste.

February 1, 2012

Listening, Shout-Outs


The other night M and G and I went to our local cafe after dinner for some warm drinks and yummy dessert.

G has a great time at the cafe. He loves to people watch, and always makes a new friend or two because apparently M and I aren’t the only ones who think he’s damn cute.

I was savoring a pistachio torte that was more chocolate than pistachio (but is that really such a bad thing?), M was drinking a chai latte (unfortunately way too sweet, what was up with that???) and G was munching on a bagel.

A song came on the speakers, caught my ear, and sounded like a pretty good beat. But M and I were discussing something and the music faded into background. That is, until G started rocking out to it.

By “rocking out” I mean that G does this little fist shake/pump thing in time to the music and starts to sing/squeak when he likes a song. On M’s lap right there in the cafe G started throwin’ down the beats!! I was too stunned and entertained to get out either my phone or the flip video camera we take with us everywhere for moments such as these. He was enjoying it so much (and hey, from what I could hear I thought it sounded pretty cool myself) that I decided to ask the barista what was playing as I was pretty sure it was coming from an iPod playlist.

But the iPod-owning barista was out for a smoke, and the remaining barista behind the counter (a newbie I think, I’d never seen him before) apologized that he didn’t know how to check.

M and I tried to Shazaam the song using M’s iPhone, but it couldn’t match it.

I sat back down, and the song ended, and G stopped dancing.

Eventually the right barista came back in and I accosted her to get the name of the song, or at least the artist.

Apparently the artist is “Woodkid”.  Woodkid? Hansel??

Yup, that’s what I thought, too. But hey, my name is Venus so who am I to judge?

The next day when I should have been doing something more useful I went in search of Woodkid and the song that G had loved so much. It turns out that Woodkid is a stage name for Yoann LeMoine who, among other (and arguably better) things, directed Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream video.

If you’re at all into techno (don’t ask me what flavor, I am genre-illiterate) then you’ll probably enjoy this guy. His EP is available on iTunes. On his website you can see the video he directed for the album-version of his song Iron (as well as other videos and photography). Here’s a direct cut to the video if you’re too lazy to click over:

Woodkid – Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

But the version that G really likes is the Mystery Jets remix you can hear a preview of here. It’s got much heavier beats and feels more industrial. That’s just how G rolls.

For those of you not reading this at work and who don’t have young children in the room, you should check out LeMoine’s PSA against AIDS.  It’s a little less prudish than an equivalent ad we’d see in the states, and I think it’s damn funny (although I suppose it could be construed as encouraging rampant sex, but I don’t really think that was the point, you can weigh in on what you think in comments if you’d like).

I’ve tried to get a new video of G’s dance-floor prowess to post here for you, but the kid won’t dance on command.  Rather, he sees the video camera pointed at him and just wants to play with that.  I’ll have to get better at stealth video.  So instead I leave you with something totally unrelated but cute:

I'll have my people call your people.

I'll have my people call your people.


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4 Comments on “My kid has great taste.”

  1. Kasey Vance Says:

    G should totally be the new E-Trade talking baby!! =) ❤


  2. Lance Says:

    extreme cuteness


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