November 29, 2010

Pregnancy 1

And it’s been another month practically. Truly amazing.

Funny conversation between me and M the other night:

Me: I found a nice kit to register for that has all the baby bathroom/care essentials… you know, thermometer, nasal aspirator, toothbrush, brush…

M: Babies need brushes?

Me: Well, they make special soft ones, and ones just for dealing with cradle cap.

M: Did you say “cradle crap”?????

HAHAHAHAHAH. Much more conversation about “cradle crap” ensued after this, along with much giggling and wheezing (my mild asthma is triggered by laughing hard, even more so now that my lungs don’t have quite as much room as they used to).

Meanwhile. B’s getting bigger (surprise surprise!). So far, I’ve managed to avoid things like swelling and leg cramps and varicose veins. Of course, we still have a trimester to go, so we’ll see what happens.

I am noticing that being on my feet for extended periods of time (we went out shopping for a good 5 hours on Saturday) does actually bother me now. And I sound like I’m geriatric when I try to get up from sitting (errr, oof!). Turning over in bed has become a production. 🙂 Pretty soon M will have to start helping to get me over… timberrrr!

We’ve had a couple of people place bets so far on whether B will be a boy or girl… M and I seem to be remarkably still very unconcerned by gender, and neither of us appears to have a preference either. One of the nurse midwives was stunned when she asked if I’d even had any dreams about the baby’s gender I and I answered that I hadn’t. Somehow this seems to be very rare. Whatever. I’m so enjoying not knowing, and not really caring. 🙂

I turned 35 last week. It was a rather weird birthday for me. I’m usually very excited, but this one was a bit muted, and came and went in such a rush. We’ve been so busy. Normally the 5s (15, 25, 35) don’t bother me with birthdays – it’s usually the 2s and 7s (22, 27, 32) that get me. Those are when you’re officially in your “early” or “late” twenties, thirties, etc. But this time 35 got to me. Not that I’ve been depressed or sad about being 35, if anything I’m weirdly proud at having made it this far with so much good to look back on and be thankful for, and to look forward to. A friend suggested that it’s probably that 35 is generally considered a milestone in our culture, and in the past couple of years I’ve been hitting a few of those… got married, bought a house, got pregnant, turned 35, will be having my first child. Well, when she put it that way, yes it makes sense that I’m just a little emotionally overwhelmed (mostly in the good way) with all those high points rolling along in such a short period of time.

B is reminding me that it’s uncomfortable for it when I lean forward and hunch to type… must remember to have good posture! 😉 Otherwise I have a little one inside wriggling and saying “Ok mom, you know it’s crowded in here, sit up or I’ll kick!!”.

B’s totally responding to sound now, it’s really wonderful. If it happens to be awake when a bunch of new voices around (as there were when we visited fam for Thanksgiving) it goes nuts! Apparently M’s voice is very calming… let’s hope that stays the same after B is born.

The midwife says I’m measuring almost two weeks ahead (using the measurement of height of top of uterus)… which would generally indicate that the baby’s growing just fine despite the fact that I’m not gaining as much weight as I expected to. That’s a big relief. No, it doesn’t mean we should expect B to come two weeks early… it doesn’t work like that. Babies grow at diff rates, so B might be a little ahead now, but will probably slow down a bit and get closer again to average as we get farther along. If anything, as B is my first, it will most likely come late. I’m trying to prepare myself for that now, since I know how impatient I can get!

We still haven’t done a speck of anything to decorate B’s room yet. At this point, as it’s acting as our closet (houses a few old Ikea wardrobes, drying racks for wet clothes out of the washer, ironing board, and random other crap). The first step is to start finding new homes for all that stuff. We haven’t decided on a crib or changing table yet… I suspect we’ll be a while with that one. At least I found a theme to decorate around, and so we’ll know where to start once we get the room cleaned up.

Time for dinner… or at least to start racking the brain about what to have. More to come later!


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