Food poisoning, really????

December 14, 2010

Pregnancy 1

Perhaps this is karma… since I never actually vomited during my 1st tri (I just got nauseated, but without the vomiting to at least make it feel productive, if you know what I mean).

Throwing up with a basketball in my tummy is a totally new experience. I can’t quite hug the toilet bowl as I might have were I not preggo (but perhaps that’s really a good thing rather than a bad thing).

At one point, I thought I might vomit up the baby, but no, B thought the whole thing was fun and couldn’t be happier. Kept kicking me right in the stomach, which helped oh so much (not).

The good news is that my body’s stopped ejecting the bad stuff. The bad news is that I can’t quite eat yet (still too much stomach acid around so it’s a bit painful, and my taste buds seem to have seriously suffered), but I’m sure that will pass soon. However, since B is taking up all my stored energy, and I’m not putting much back in, I’m a bit weak.

But on to other things.

Like snow pants! Oh if I had maternity snow pants… and could afford to play hooky from work. I would be snowshoeing right now!!! Everything is wintry-white and super cold and snow is now falling like the dickens. My own little winter wonderland! I can’t wait for B to experience snow for the first time. I hope B likes snow as much as I do…

Oh, I forgot to brag about my awesome husband who’s been going to the store at odd hours to get me gatorade, making sure I’m drinking water, encouraging me to eat (and coming up with good suggestions, who would have thought that apples would go down well?) and eating my leftovers when something I’m eating isn’t working. 🙂

I’m thinking about having maternity photos done. Anyone want to comment about their experiences having/ not having maternity photos?


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