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November 4, 2010

Pregnancy 1

I was a bit stunned when I checked and realized my last post was almost a month ago!

So what’s changed since then….

– Bigger kicks, rolls, punches, jabs. M has even been able to feel a couple, which is awesome.

– Almost complete loss of belly button. No really, it’s amazing how quickly it goes. Every day there is a distinct difference. I’ve never had a part of my body change so rapidly before (at least, not that I ever noticed).

– We started childbirth classes, we’re going with the Bradley method (a.k.a. Husband-Coached Childbirth). M and I are pretty excited about it and the other two couples in our class seem nice. Now all I have to do is keep from getting overexcited and running off at the mouth during class. 😉 We’ve done three classes out of twelve, it’s a fairly comprehensive system. Our instructor seems great as well, and it turns out she’s also a doula.

– I’m sporting a very faint linea nigra. It should more properly be called a linea [whatever-the-color-peach-is-in-Latin – my gut instinct was to go with “pesca” but I’m pretty sure that’s actually fish, and I don’t have a fish line]. I almost didn’t notice it until I was fruitlessly trying to get a photo of the magical-disappearing-belly-button (wow that really didn’t go well) and saw the line in the photos. Cool!

– I’m beginning to have that feeling that we don’t have as much time as I thought we did. Decisions must be made! For example, the next two weeks are open enrollment for health benefits at work, and I’ve got to figure out if we need to initiate a flexible-spending-account for childcare costs now, or if we can establish it later once the baby’s born (and if both options are valid, which is better).

– I find myself completely overwhelmed by choice in regard to things like car seats and strollers, even with the fabulous feedback we’ve received from friends when we asked for it. What’s most frustrating about this, really, is that very few stores carry all the brands of things we’d like to look at and try out. We’re going to have to drive all the way to Rochester to check out one brand, and I think there are some where there is no local retail representation.

– Pregnancy brain is worse than ever. I struggle more often for words, and I have to make M repeat sentences to me and have him pretend he’s speaking to a child so that I can actually understand. It’s so strange… it’s not the kind of mental fuzziness that comes from cold medicine, or lack of sleep. It’s a completely different animal that has me off-balance. I’m in process of trying to just accept and know that it won’t last forever, and that it’s all in the name of a good cause.

– I enjoy laughter a lot right now. I mean that I find things generally funnier, and I laugh harder and longer and just feel more joy overall at humor. This is a very pleasant side-effect. Except for when laughing so hard does bad things to my stretched abs, or triggers an asthma attack. But even then it’s pretty cool.

– So far no swelling to report (knocks on paper products…). I think I have an advantage in that I get to sit a fair amount with my legs propped, I have a great office chair, I get up and walk around (and getting food or drink requires two floors of stairs so at least I’m also getting a wee bit of exercise) whenever I want, and I’m generally remembering to keep myself hydrated. We’ll see if I can keep this up.

– I’ve finally gained a little weight. We’re at about an 8-10 lbs increase now, in a good range (compared to “normal”, whatever that is!).

– I didn’t think it would happen, but it finally did. I’m feeling the pull to decorate the nursery. Nothing huge, not even a new paint job. The color yellow that it already has is just fine. But I’m realizing that since I might be spending quite a bit of time in there, it should be at least minimally furnished so that I don’t feel like I’m stuck in a blank sterile space. I really haven’t the faintest clue what I want though… maybe it’ll come to me in a dream.

– Wow am I having weird dreams. This was expected but nonetheless still manages to surprise me. It’s really amazing what a pregnant psyche comes up with. I think the one I like best so far is the one where the baby was lying sideways in the womb, and was big enough that I could see a distinct head and full face pushing under my tummy skin on one side, and lower legs and feet on the other. It didn’t hurt, I remember thinking “Wow, that’s really cool.” In hindsight, I know that if I saw that in real life I’d be seriously freaking out. I mean, it’s a fairly horrific image really.

– I finally managed to post pics on facebook so you may check them out if you want. There are a few ultrasounds of B, and a few pics of me highlighting the bump. M had some cute pic ideas that turned out pretty well. Yay!

– Tonight we do a hospital tour, maybe. It turns out the person who organizes the tours is difficult to reach. We initially scheduled for tonight but then ran into a conflict. We left a message to try to reschedule for the Thursday tour instead, but we haven’t heard from the coordinator on that, so it looks like we’re going to show up tonight and hope. It’s not giving us the warmest fuzzies about the staff at the hospital!


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