Poppyseed, eh?

June 22, 2010

Pregnancy 1

B is apparently the size of a poppyseed, but already has a teeny itty bitty beating heart. How awesome is that?

Meanwhile, looking at runny yogurt this morning seriously turned my stomach. Now — is this because of my regular ****

TIME OUT: I had to interrupt that sentence because it’s raining here in Buffalo. And when I say “rain” I mean “deluge”! Ok, look, we’re not talking hurricane or anything, but where I come from we don’t have rain like this. The wind is gusting and the house is gusting with it. The lightning is putting on quite the show, and the close thunder throbs through the floor here in my attic office. Our gutters overfloweth! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming….

*** “goopy” texture aversion, or the harbinger of morning sickness to come? I guess we’ll find out.

I’m enjoying this honeymoon phase of being pregnant. Everything’s beautiful and rainbows and unicorns! M has the same giddy smile I do (though he’s managing to stay productive and relatively sane… lucky guy!). He’s just reminded me that I really should get some work done. I guess he’s right. *sigh*


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