Oh yeah – who am I?

June 21, 2010

Pregnancy 1

Right. Well, I’m BonkyBonk, better known as Bonky, or better yet in this blog, me/I. Silly name I know, I took it from one of my cats who is no longer with me. Her name always makes me smile. Also, while it was totally unintentional, I like that the name happens to be very similar to an English euphemism for sex… ‘Cause let’s face it, without the bonking, this blog wouldn’t be happening!

To save me from having to type any more than I have to (’cause I’m lazy!) my husband will be M. M can stand for anything you like — just make whatever it is nice because he’s awesome.

And the baby? Well, we have names picked out already, but we’re going to wait to find out the sex until the big day. And anyway, as you’ve noticed, I’m not big on real names. So… we’ll make the baby B. B is for baby. (Wow, I’m slipping into Sesame Streetisms already…)

Since I’m going to have to refer to others , let’s just make up some more names while we’re at it:

BD – My dad
BSM – My mom (I know, what’s the S for? Well, I didn’t want her abbreviation to be “BM”.)
BN – My nana
MM – M’s mom
MB – M’s brother
CNM – My Certified Nurse Midwife who will be delivering B
PCP – Not a drug. My Primary Care Provider, aka my family doctor
DrT – My shrink (What, you don’t have one???)

I think that’s enough for now. Yip.


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