The nose knows, and damn pregnancy brain is here already.

June 23, 2010

Pregnancy 1

Over the past few days the old olfactories have started working overtime, and for right now, it’s generally pretty awesome! Don’t get me wrong, being especially sensitive to others’ BO isn’t great, but luckily I’m not exposed to that often.

Yesterday I smelled some fresh coffee beans (decaf, don’t worry) for a good two minutes and thought I was in heaven. Today it was cucumbers, *happy sigh*. I like these scents normally, but now it’s almost like I’m smelling in color. 🙂 So I’m reveling in this because no doubt, I’ll soon be smelling things that will make me want to heave.

On the brain front, I tried to teach a class last night, and it was a total train wreck. My mouth wouldn’t make the right words, I kept losing my thought, my analogies were awful. Let’s hope that doesn’t continue or I won’t be able to keep our students around!!


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