Night of the living dead

December 30, 2009


Actually, it’s not night, and I’m not dead.

I know it seems like I died due to that whole lack of posting for two years, but really, I’m alive.

K, very quick sum-up: Moved to Buffalo, NY with SDF, and then promptly transitioned SDF into SDH (Safe-Dancing-HUBBY)!

So, we’ve been married almost 1.5 years now, and we haven’t managed to kill each other, and that’s great. 🙂

We bought a house this summer, it rocks.

So why am I blogging again all of a sudden????? Good question. And the shameless answer is that if I don’t blog, I’ll explode. You all know I’m not patient. And now I’ve got something new to be impatient about, because SDH and I are trying to become pregnant.

“Really? Does that actually take effort?” you say. And the answer is YES. Well, it’s YES if you’re as old as I am, and you’re hoping to pop two out before your fertility completely disappears.

Poor SDH has to hear about my insecurities and irrational babblings about this subject because we both work from home and I don’t get out much to unload on other people. So I’m unloading on you, whomever you may be (I don’t even know any more who knows about this blog…).

I’ll try not to blog exclusively about trying to get pregnant, though I suspect it will play a rather large role for a while as that is much of what I think about these days. Fair warning. 🙂



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