I’m not dead yet…

September 4, 2007


I feel happeeeeeee!!

[sound of cat being hurled against a wall in background]

I have no idea who even reads this any more, but I’m going to try to get back to writing more than once in a blue moon.

From the Frank Stanton Studios in Los Angeles, this is Marketplace!
dit dit dit-dit dit dit dit-dit
But first the news…

SDF just had a birthday, and interested parties are in talks about how to celebrate it. A press release is expected soon.

New York Finger Lakes white wines have garnered some respect from the California whine-o-philes after a long tour of wineries and ingestion of insane amounts of cheese curds.

“The theatre, the theater, what’s happened to the theatre?” — Danny Kaye, Irving Berlin’s “Choreography”. Go see Avenue Q!!! You just haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen raunchy puppet sex set to music.

Speaking of choreography — how does a couple manage to perform a first dance without it becoming too weird? Witnesses to a sexed-up performance at a chi-chi wedding at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco give their two cents in the next hour of our show.

Tonight our reviewers cover the Broadway revival of Sweeny Todd. Can Sondheim’s musical really survive without the orchestra pit?

Affianced socialites, SDF and BonksKeeper, are shacking up! Shocking!

Today’s Marketplace is brought to you by the letter [the internet is for] “P”[orn].


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