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December 30, 2009

Holidays, Listening

You know, it’s been so long since I’ve posted that I’ve practically forgotten how (as you can tell by my singularly uninspired last post)!

This is the note we sent out in our Christmas cards this year (you know the tune!):

Chestnuts roast on Elmood Avenue
in our pretty new home town.
We found a tree that is just the right height,
and maybe we’ll even take it down…
before March oh-ten.

Our new place is all comfy-warm,
with hissing radiators full of steam
that remind us that our house is a hundred years old
and will really need a good spring clean.

We know that Santa’s on his way
’cause it’s sure darn cold here east of Erie Lake!
And every time we slip a little on some ice,
we remember that being able to afford a house is really nice!

And so we’re offering our very best
to all our friends around the world.
May the holidays bring you hope, joy and love,
and may all your peas be whirled.**

**Ok. That wasn’t really the last verse. That’s what I *wanted* to send, but we thought there might be too many people not aware of the bumper sticker “Visualize whirled peas.” So instead, this went out:

And so we’re offering our very best
to all our friends around the Earth.
May the holidays bring you love, hope and joy,
and your new year be filled with mirth!

It’s not quite as catchy, but you can still dance to it. 🙂


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