Oh wow

March 14, 2006

Eating, Shout-Outs

You all MUST MUST MUST check out May I Take Your Order!!!!!!!!!!! Jon’s (if I use his name to intimate that I know him, it makes me sound cooler) site is fantastic. Once you’ve finished reading the menu, have a look around. You’re guaranteed to be laughing your ass off for a good half an hour.

On a completely unrelated note, I was supposed to go see Office Space at The Independent last night w/ a crowd from work. For many reasons, none of us made it out to the show. So I ended up at Firefly again — home of extremely-pleasant-bartender-guy. Was there for two hours. Didn’t talk about the weather — but did cover his cat, my cats, art school, 10-year high school reunions, kung-fu, screenwriting, breakups, cappuccino, wine, asparagus, Chinese calligraphy, and marijuana. And the food was fantastic as usual. Nice night. 🙂

I’ve been crazy tired for a bit (3-4 weeks) now, managed to get some good sleep last night after the good conversation and victuals. Still tired today, but not so bad as yesterday when I was falling asleep at the keyboard. Still, I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. My brain can’t make its way around the fact that there are 3 days left in the week after today. Well, 4 if you count Saturday (dancing you know).

Oh – highlights of dinner (besides pleasant-bartender-guy):
* Honig 2003 Cab WOW (I’m not normally a huge cab fan but loved this one)
* Lemon cream tart to die for with huckleberries
* Asparagus risotto that was almost too good to be true

I love food!! 🙂


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