I’ve been oh so quiet

March 28, 2006


oh laptop,
you’ve gone and left me

on again, off again
but now only off

never again to touch your sticky keys
never again to wrestle
with the pointer that had begun to drift

no more will you heat my bed
when winter cold sets in
when the urge to write begins

All right. Even I’m tired of this drivel. 😛 I was attempting to channel Mike Meyers from “So I Married An Axe Murderer”, but it just wasn’t happening.

Yes, my laptop gave up the ghost, and I’ve been forced to order a replacement. I got a notice that it shipped today, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal posting soon.

Here are some updates to tide you over:

– The new laptop I ordered is totally rockin’, and only 3.5 lbs so it’ll be great for my Italy trip.
– Because the new laptop I ordered is totally rockin’, I am now broke.
– Work is strange, and I have confirmation that I’m losing a co-worker to The Great White North. While we’ll always have IM, it just won’t be the same. 😦
– I’m leaving Thurs night for San Diego to hit the Balboa Rendezvous. I’m going to dance camp!!!!! (This one time, at dance camp…)
– I was sick but now am not. Yay.
– Had dinner with my little brother, was a great time. I really should try to see him more often since he only lives in Sacramento. Then again, to me anything that involves crossing a bridge might as well be a trip cross-country.
– I’m re-reading _The Quincunx_ by Charles Palliser for probably the 5th time. I love this book!
– It’s official that I’m addicted to Firefly (and cute-bartender-guy??). I have a new Monday night ritual. Hee. The only problem with this is that I’ll need to eat ramen all the other days of the week to be able to afford Firefly on Mondays because of my aforementioned brokeness. And before you ask, No. This doesn’t qualify as stalking. ;P

And now I have to go back to pretending I’m busy at work. Exciting!!


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