My tribute to Seinfeld

In that this is a post about nothing.  And probably not even in a funny way, but whatevs.


A few days ago at work, I got an email from someone notifying me that a meeting was canceled.  This is a direct quote: “We apologize for the incontinence and will be rescheduling the call…”



I just walked into the bathroom and caught sight of myself in the mirror.  Turns out I had a booger stuck to my nose.  I have no idea how long it’s been there.


Why can’t I ever keep my cellphone charged?  What’s up with that?


A loyal reader, Jim, has suggested that using initials instead of full names for family members is confusing.  Jim, your wish is my command.


MisterMister and I put up our Christmas tree on Sunday.  Gilgamesh, not really having experienced much of trees yet in his short life, let alone one indoors, registered a distinct mistrust.  This kid isn’t afraid of anything.  Not launching himself face-first off of couches and beds, not throwing himself backward from a sitting position into whatever object happens to be behind him, not MisterMister’s singing voice.  But a Christmas tree with lights?  That one had Gilgamesh stumped.  He wouldn’t touch it.  Didn’t really want to be close.  He watched me decorate it and looked all the while as if to say “Mommy that thing is going to eat you, are you nuts???”  Over the past few days I’ve held him up to the tree, touching it myself to show him it’s safe.  I’ve made the ornaments dance.  Slowly he’s figuring out that the tree won’t eat him – at least, not if he can grab the ornament off the tree fast enough.  Great going, Mommy.


MisterMister and I are going fireplace shopping tonight.  Sort of.  We’ve been hemming and hawing for over a year now about replacing our currently defunct living room gas fireplace insert.  Now we’re finally getting down to the nitty-gritty.  It turns out fireplaces are damn expensive!  MisterMister put it very well.  “Think about it this way.  Our bathroom remodel? 2.5 fireplaces.  Our car? 5 fireplaces.  I mean, this thing is basically our gas grill with a few extra parts, what gives???”



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4 Comments on “My tribute to Seinfeld”

  1. blogginglily Says:

    I love this blog. . . because i’m in it. The rest was nice too, but i’m pretty self-centered.

    Lily needs to fear the tree more. . . and wish it harm less.


  2. Stacey Says:

    This post totally made me laugh. I would have Teehee’d at the email too.


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