Random: Get your candies straight

December 12, 2011

Random Quotes

A conversation today as M and I climbed the stairs to our respective offices after lunch:

M: (munching leftover Halloween candy) Do M&Ms really melt in your mouth?

Me: What?

M: Do M&Ms really melt in your mouth? (munch munch munch) I really wouldn’t call this sensation melting.

Me: Honey, those aren’t M&Ms.

M: What?

Me: Those aren’t M&Ms, they’re Reese’s Pieces. Totally different animal.

M: Ooooohhhhhh. (munch munch munch)

Yup, that was it. Nothing witty or anything, totally inane, but it tickled my funny bone for some reason. You’re welcome.


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One Comment on “Random: Get your candies straight”

  1. blogginglily Says:

    maybe you haven’t written anything “new”. . . but since Blogger decided to only notify me of like every third or fourth thing that anyone I follow writes. . . it’s LIKE it’s new.


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