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January 18, 2007


I got results back on my first MRI, here they are:

Axial images:
L1-2, L2-3, L3-4 levels are normal.
L4-5 shows minimal disk bulge with slight lateralization to the
right. This causes minimal right neural foraminal narrowing.
The left neural foramen is widely patent and the nerves are not
impinged. Facets are unremarkable.
L5-S1: No central or foraminal stenosis seen. Minimal facet

Sagittal and limited axial images through the sacrum show a CSF
signal intensity lesion which corresponds to the CT finding. This
likely represents a longstanding Tarlov cyst in the lower sacral
portion of the central canal, exiting off to the right. No
suspicious finding is seen otherwise in this region.

1. Minimal degenerative change at the L5-S1 level as well as
L4-5 levels. However, the left L4-5 neural foramen is
widely patent and the nerves are not impinged.
2. Tarlov cyst in the sacrum corresponding to the CT

So, what this means is that I did screw up some stuff in the fall, but it’s not too major, and is treatable. Also, the epidural (cortisone shot to my spine) is already helping with the sciatic symptoms, so I’m greatly encouraged.

The Tarlov Cyst is still on my mind though, as it would most likely involve some sort of procedure/surgery. Apparently this is a relatively rare condition, so there just aren’t a whole lot of doctors out there who are experienced in their treatment. I’m starting to search around for specialists.

More details to come as I have them… thanks all for listening to my medical ramblings!! 🙂


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