Julie Luck

April 26, 2006


I have bad luck with Julies.

Or rather, I have very good luck. I’ve had two Julies in my life over the past 3 years. In their different ways, both have brought me joy, helped me learn about myself and gain new perspectives on the world around me.

The tough part is that both are now living far away. Well, one is already far, and one is leaving tonight on a jet plane (don’t know when she’ll be back again…).

I am comforted that both are available to me through the amazing medium of the Internet. It’s not as if they’ve died.

But I think we often underestimate the importance, the power, of witnessing a smile, sharing a giggle, crying on a shoulder, mirrored derisive lifted eyebrows when the boss is being an ass.

And in the spirit of wallowing in my selfish desire to keep my Julies firmly chained to my side through life:

You are my Julies
My only Julies
You make me happy
When skies are gray (and Dave is fey)
You’ll never know dears
How much I love you
Good luck my Julies now that you have gone away.



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4 Comments on “Julie Luck”

  1. sweeney_o Says:

    Wow, I am in the dark! Where (and why) did Julie2 go??


    • Venus Says:

      Ah – right. Her hubby lives in Toronto, and they’ve always lived apart as long as they’ve been together. She had the opportunity to move to be with him, and who can blame her? I’m exceptionally happy for them.
      I can’t decide whether we should hire another Julie or not. Either she’d disappoint, or she’d be fantastic and then leave in a year or so. 😛


  2. sweeney_o Says:

    “Wanted: Julie3. Qualifications: must be named Julie (duh). Must be really cool, empathetic, helpful, selfless. Non-Julies need not apply. Also, must sign agreement that you’re not going to relocate for at least 5 years.”


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