April 25, 2006


Heheheh I said box. Heheheh.

The box of which I speak is, of course, Pandora’s. I could go many fun directions with that, but I’ll stick with the subject and spare you all.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go visit Pandora at the Music Genome Project. It’s hands down the best Internet radio I’ve used so far.

And just a minute ago, it played me some Hall & Oates, which simply cemented its place in my heart.

Earlier today it was sending me a spate of 80’s New Wave. Tons of fun. And here and there a dash of Nick Cave singing a ballad (“Into My Arms”) just to keep things interesting.

Especially cool is how Pandora decides to play songs it thinks you’ll like. It has a huge database of songs, and each is quantified in terms of musical elements (I.E.: major tonality, vamping, vocal harmonies, etc.). You give it a few songs/artists that you like, just to kick things off. It will then try to find other music that shares the musical characteristics of what you’ve specified. You can then add music, and you tell Pandora whether or not you like what it plays. It just keeps learning and throwing new stuff at you.

It’s Pandoriffic!

And no, they’re not paying me any money for this shill. 😛

love that box…


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