February 26, 2006


What an odd feeling.

I’ve had a migraine for most of the day, but my meds have just kicked in and it’s finally started to melt away. I think the fact that it’s going has made me a bit giddy.

It’s raining outside, and I’ve just finished listening (a bit hard to watch, tv too bright and all) to the end of PBS’ adaptation of Charles Dickens’ _Bleak House_. Somehow the rain seems apropos.

I’m extremely proud of my touch typing skills at the moment since I’m typing in the dark with the brightness down on my laptop as far as it will go (though it still seems incredibly bright).

I was meant to be productive today. Not in the cards I suppose.

Oh – Random quote I heard on the street yesterday as I was running errands: “Well, let’s orgy!!”

Went to Firefly for dinner last night. Amazing that I’ve never been, considering I’ve lived in the neighborhood for two years now. Their fried chicken is crack cocaine (though their menu clearly states in small print that, among other things like not taking antibiotics, their animals are not fed crack cocaine — methinks they doth protest too much). If you’ve not had their chicken, run out and get it. Now. Don’t wait. Oh, but bring your life savings as it’s disgustingly expensive (something I didn’t realize until I got the bill — ouch!!). The chicken is served with mashed potatoes with excellent gravy. Also a biscuit to die for with butter and honey on the side (and being a collector of honey, I can say that that, too, was first rate). Desserts with paired wines are also a must. I had my leftovers of both dinner and dessert (an apple macadamia-nut crumble that comes second only to the apple pie that Comfortable-Sweatshirt-Guy makes) for lunch today and was still impressed. I sat at the bar since they don’t have tables for one on Saturday evenings…. they’re much too crowded. The bartender (Craig) was both personable and pleasantly flirtatious as all good bartenders should be — especially to women who take themselves out to dinner with a book. All in all, a fantastic dining experience. I feel guilty for the indulgence, but single girls deserve to get spoiled too, even if they have to do it themselves. 😉 I’m calling it a belated Valentine’s Day gift to myself. Hahahhahahaha.

Off to bed now with a prayer to the almighty gods of maladies that they cease their quarrels with me and allow my head to feel like its normal size when I awake in the morning!!



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    Rad!!! What a great site!!


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