I’m not complaining!

January 23, 2006


So I was panicked. I got my W-2 from work and looked at my Fed withholding and thought “Oh, shit. I’m so screwed.” It just looked like the payroll company hadn’t withheld enough taxes. Nowhere near enough.

So tonight I hopped on TurboTax to see how bad the slaughter was going to be.

…drumroll please…


This somehow defies the laws of physics and taxes. TurboTax, blessed be thy name. You somehow found deductions for me that I didn’t know I had… and I can’t figure out where or how or why you found them, yet you did. And now I am no longer preparing to eat ramen for the rest of the year. I will not have to give up pedicures and private Pilates classes.

[Oh god. I’m turning into one of THEM. I just read that last sentence and I’m astounded. Pilates and pedicures? Aside from the alliteration, it’s just so.. so.. yuppie. Just shoot me now.]

Of course, that fed refund will be a bit smaller once I add my W-2 from teaching, but not by much. And for some inexplicable reason I will again owe the state a few bucks (why can’t they just withhold the right amount, I ask you??).

Will wonders never cease!!!

(And will ceases never wonder…)


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One Comment on “I’m not complaining!”

  1. aduvanchek Says:

    Yeah! I love getting refunds! 🙂


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