Circles and Swing-Outs

January 22, 2006


Tonight a circle was closed. And it was a Good Thing TM. ;P

To be honest, it’s less of a circle, and more like a swing-out. Do it forward the first time, and then finish by reversing it.

Safe-Dancing-Guy and I talked. It was a version of the first time we went out together in reverse. We started at Dolores Park. The first time we were ever at the park we’d watched an outdoor showing of “Bullitt.” This time we talked about completely inconsequential things until I was so cold (the temperature dropped quite a bit since we’d arrived) I was shaking.

We headed to The Liberties (a pub/restaurant) for a glass of wine, warmth, and to finish off the harder part of the conversation. Our first time out we’d had dinner at The Liberties before going to the movie at Dolores Park.

We paid our bill and went outside to the corner and had a small hug and I said “See ya later.” This was the same corner that I’d met him at that first night.

I walked home retracing my footsteps of three months ago.

The romantic side of me likes this ending. It wasn’t planned by either of us. I mentioned it at the park, but even when choosing The Liberties for the glass of wine tonight I don’t think either of us consciously connected the dots — The Liberties is simply the closest comfy bar to his house.

I don’t know that I believe in fate/destiny/whatever. I know I don’t believe in a Divine Plan. But I have to admit that it’s comforting when synchronicities like this occur. There’s a feeling that this ending has to be right. There is peace in this ending.

And Safe-Dancing-Guy and I have always had the best swing-outs on the dance floor.


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