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October 16, 2005

Personal Faves

It’s been a prolific writing day, sorry!

I was supposed to spend this weekend preparing for my upcoming convalescence. You know, clean the house (since people will be visiting), stock up on easy-to-make food, get all laundry done, get the shower/tub ready for the interesting bathing experiences I will have with my surgical boot wrapped in a garbage bag and affixed to my leg with water-proof tape.

I did manage to get a couple of things done. I overhauled my automated litterbox and moved it out from its hiding place in the closet where I’d never be able to get at it while on crutches. I also stocked up on bed linens and towels.

I didn’t do much of anything else.

Well, technically, I did read the first two books of Asimov’s Foundation series. I also spent time walking through my neighborhood. I ate dinner last night in a lovely open-air setting while listening to my ostentatious nano, reading, and people-watching. After dinner I even made a trip farther down the strip than I usually wander and bought myself some raspberry-cabernet sorbetto at the new gelato place. Yum! I slowly walked home eating my sorbetto with the tiny, cute spoon.

I saw happy couples, people enjoying food and laughing outside of bars. I marveled at the balmy evening weather, and even made out a few stars visible through the blanket of The City’s ambient light.

Oh! And while I was people-watching at dinner…

Across the street from the restaurant is a bank. For one reason or another, said bank has ATM machines in a vestibule. You know the drill. Walk up to the door and swipe your ATM card and you’re inside. At least, I thought this was common knowledge. And even if it weren’t, there are large signs on the glass doors that give the after-hours entrance instructions. I.E.:


So these two guys walk up to the entrance. First I played the Gay or European game. Not familiar with that one? Of course now it should really be the Gay, European, or Metrosexual game. Heh. I’m betting that these two were European. At least I hope so. And I fervently hope that they were Europeans w/ little knowledge of English.

Why? Because it took them a full MINUTE of pulling on the locked door and almost leaving before one of them noticed the card swiper. The taller of the two smacked his forehead in the classic wow-I’m-a-colossal-nitwit way. He pulled out his wallet, and from it a card. Then he swiped it.

And swiped it again. Slowly, now quickly. Even more quickly! The other way round? Stripe on wrong side? Short-guy takes the card – he thinks he can do better. Slow. Fast. Sllloooowwwwweeerrrr.

Tall guy looks in his wallet. This time he simply looks to the heavens. Then he pulls out another card, and on the first swipe the door unlocks. Obviously the first card was neither a Debit nor an ATM card.

A very entertaining evening indeed. And that’s productive in its own way. šŸ˜›


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