has anyone seen my head?!?!?!

October 14, 2005


Wednesday felt like Friday. Then Thursday felt like Friday. Now it’s Friday and it doesn’t feel like Friday. Go figure.

I’m killing some time here at work before I move on to the next event of the evening. It just isn’t worth going home and going back out again.

The only problem with killing time is that it tends to set me thinking.

Thinking.. say… about how I should be *really* excited about safe-dancing-guy, but it’s just not happening. Maybe we just don’t have the romantic connection. The dance connection is spectacular. Almost as good as sex (though shorter, and less messy). But that’s not enough for a relationship.

Or maybe I’m scared to invest emotionally? But I don’t sense that same kind of fear around, say, Cuddle Guy (although I think he probably thinks I’m a lunatic). So I think I must just not be interested in safe-dancing-guy.

And to be honest… he doesn’t seem all that interested either. Last week I got this email:

“I realized that for all the describing of dancing, we haven’t actually danced in quite a while (ok, several days). I don’t mean to say that I don’t enjoy talking to you, but I think it’s clear what my opinion of your dancing is. We’ll have to fix that before you’re out of commission.”

The reference to me being out of commission is re: me having foot surgery next week. What? I forgot to tell you that? Sorry 😛

Well, at the very least I’ll have gained an excellent dance buddy.

I’ll just keep telling myself that anyway.


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