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Red Writing Hood: It’s 8:00, do you know where you children are?

November 4, 2011


8PM, newborn: Hungry, hungry, hungry, wait.  Ewwww.  Wet, wet, wet, WEEEEET! 8PM, 5-year-old: Daddy’s coming to get me soon, Daddy’s coming to get me soon, YAY!!!!! 8PM, 10-year-old: Man, I never get to stay up to watch Moonlighting! 8PM, 15-year-old: Crap… OK, Don’t panic.  J you’ve got to help me get the car out of […]

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RedWritingHood: She’s an Athlete

October 27, 2011


She stood in front of the mirror in the locker room. “My mother says they’re water blemishes, not real pimples,” She said to the gaggle of girls gathered around her. Water blemishes?  I looked doubtfully at her reflection.  They looked like normal pimples to me. I hadn’t changed yet.  I didn’t like changing clothes.  Partially […]

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Red Writing Hood: Scary Text

October 21, 2011


The prompt this week is a scary text message.  I am hampered by a couple of things.  I don’t generally write fiction.   Also, things which are truly scary to me (loss of a loved one, natural disaster, etc.) are too real to be appropriate, and most likely wouldn’t be communicated by text in any […]

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My Life In… Song (Part One)

October 14, 2011


An Open Letter To Frankie Avalon Frankie Avalon, you have my thanks for life.  Not because you were a teenage heart-throb.  Not because you permanently affected my views on beauty school. Because you named me. Because of you, my name is not Sunshine.  I do not wish to denegrate other Sunshines in this world; Sunshine […]

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Haiku 2

August 24, 2010


my first pregnancy pillow cradle me gently while I dream of wacky things

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October 14, 2005


The persons responsible for the previous post have now been sacked. I had a frappuccino earlier. And then a Coke. What was I thinking? I should know better. I’ve had problems with this before… It’s 1 AM and I should be asleep. Oh well. Here’s another frappuccino story to entertain those few of you who […]

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