The knife!

February 22, 2012


As in, I’m going under one.

Well, a couple, I suppose, if you count the couple of tiny incisions that are required for arthroscopy.  And then there’s the whole ablation/debriding thing they’ll have going on once they’re  in there… but they don’t technically use knives for that part.

I saw my new MD for the shoulder stuff, and he confirmed the diagnosis that my old doc made (no surprise there) and indicated that I’m a good candidate for manipulation under anesthesia and arthroscopic capsular release (or at least just a good look around with the scope if the manipulations have managed to do all the necessary releasing).

The new MD did everything I would have wanted… gave me all my treatment options (including “wait it out”) and didn’t pressure me to make any particular decision.  His staff are awesome, and I don’t think I waited even 10 minutes to be seen.  Hooray!

We’re scheduled for a week from today.  This time the nerve block I’ll get will actually work and will make my arm numb, assuming my anesthesiologist is any good (unlike my last doc grrrr).

I probably shouldn’t be this excited about surgery, but there it is.

There’s a cool presentation on what I’m having done here.

Now all I have to do is cram in a whole lot of work (since I’ll be off for a week to recover from the surgery) and start pumping milk like a madwoman.


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