I’m an idiot

December 2, 2011


I’ve realized that even though it’s no longer NaBloPoMo, I’ve effectively committed myself to writing every day (at least for two weeks) in the service of Twitter Literature 2011.

Every day, I’m compiling the #TLit2011 tweets, from our fantastic writers, and editing them into a coherent narrative displayed on the Twitter Literature 2011 – The Story So Far page.  Luckily I’ve so far been given really great stuff to work with!  Already we have tension and suspense, complex characters, and humor!  Who could ask for more??

I promise, though, that my posts in the next two weeks will not consist of TLit2011 pimping exclusively.  While we DO need more sponsors (and even more writers, I could relax the registration deadline if anyone’s really interested), I still want to post about everything else that’s going on in my life.  Of course, that assumes that you all are interested in such things. 😉

I’m going to attempt to create a badge today for TLit2011, because really, none of us has enough badges.  I think I’ll create diff ones for writers, sponsors, and readers!  It’s a little arrogant, but if you don’t play the lottery, you never win.

More soon… thanks for indulging me!


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