November 28, 2011

Eating, Parenting

In just a few minutes I’ll be grating more pumpkin (a pumpkin grater’s work is never done, sigh) so I’m taking the chance to post now. Pray for me that I don’t end up grating part of my finger off like M did last week — that still hasn’t fully healed, poor guy.

We’ve finished off our apple pie, so we are currently dessertless. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are chocolate chip cookies waiting in ice cube trays in the freezer (we make a big batch of dough and the freeze in cookie sizes so we can pop out just as many as we want to eat right then and bake them up fresh). But, I’ve been craving pumpkin bread ever since I made it last time, so pumpkin bread, here I come!

I use the standard Joy of Cooking recipe, but I add a few things here and there, like Bourbon. I find most baked goods are better with a bit of booze, don’t you?

We put up our first baby gate this weekend. G is getting adventurous, and we’re encouraging it. So we figured we should encourage him to NOT go tumbling down the back stairs. As an added bonus, the gate is yet something new he can climb on. God help us when he starts to walk…

Of course, since G is climbing and learning to walk, there are the inevitable falls. God the falls. You try to be protective but you can’t smother the little guy, and falling is part of the normal learning process. I also know that he’s come equipped standard with a pretty hefty skull to protect that growing brain of his. Still, the worst sound in the world (so far) is the sound of some part of my child hitting some part of something that is not my child (e.g. Floor, coffee table, my head, M’s knee, etc.).

Oh. Last night I attempted to make sesame turkey (you know, like take-out Chinese sesame chicken) with leftover turkey. Let me caution you against this should you ever be daft enough to think it’s a good idea. It isn’t. Unless, that is, you’re ok with the wholly unappetizing look of what will become, despite your best intentions and efforts, Turkey Slurry. Turkey Slurry doesn’t taste bad, in fact, it tastes quite good. But it has the consistency of sloppy joes rather than nice discrete hunks of meat lovingly enrobed in a tasty sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. (Note: Every time I write the word “enrobed” the iPad attempts to auto-correct it to “entombed”… Yet, when I write “entombed” it doesn’t auto-fill. Go fig.) This afternoon for lunch I decided to just embrace the Slurry for what it is and served it to myself open-face over toast. Why fight it?

Right. As much as I want pumpkin bread, I can feel the Lazy Monster beginning to take hold of me one body part at a time. Currently, only my toes are lazy… but if I keep this up and don’t get to grating, soon it’ll be my knees, and then my ass, and then the game is over friends. Once the ass is lazy, there’s no hope, only guilty TiVo catching-uppage and resorting to throwing some cookies in the oven as a consolation prize.

Wish me luck.


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